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INOVYN in Newton Aycliffe operates large scale polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production facilities and is the only suspension PVC producer in the UK. Being near the major UK chemical production hub on the Tees river, INOVYN's site provides excellent access to the feedstocks and logistic services for companies look to develop a UK manufacturing base or to expand exisiting UK operations.

Companies looking to locate at INOVYN in Newton Aycliffe would benefit from the well-developed infrastructure. Suitable companies would be in the advanced manufacturing, chemical and related sectors - particuarly where partners can take advantage of the access to INOVYN manufactured feedstocks or operational expertise.

Partners investing with INOVYN in Newton Aycliffe will benefit from INOVYN's local experience of multi-modal logistics, with the site already moving goods by road and sea in addition to the international airport in Teesside.


The Site

The INOVYN Site at Newton Aycliffe is a 160 acres site and has a ‘Top Tier’ COMAH (Upper Tier Seveso) registration.

Being located near the Teesside chemical cluster brings signficant benefits such as access to a skilled workforce, excellent onward logistics capability and locally produced feedstocks.

Companies operating in the manufacturing, chemical and related sectors and looking to expand would be well placed to invest with INOVYN at Newton Aycliffe where partners can take advantage of INOVYN's operational expertise and support services as well as access to exisiting utility networks.




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