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As part of INEOS, INOVYN Rheinberg is a manufacturer of a wide range of chemicals that are used as raw materials in almost every industrial process. Located on the Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, it is excellently placed for international companies seeking a manufacturing location within the European industrial heartlands or German companies looking for a location to expand and grow.

Partners choosing to locate here would benefit from the well-developed infrastructure and synergies resulting from existing operations.  The ~100 hectare site has available plots of land up for suitable partner from 0.5 ha to greater than 10 hectares, that is attractive for companies in the advanced manufacturing, chemical and related sectors. Particularly where partners can take advantage of the access to INOVYN manufactured feedstocks or operational expertise from continuously operating here since 1958.

Partners investing at the INOVYN Rheinberg site will benefit from both access to and INOVYN experience of multi-modal logistics, with the site already moving goods by road, rail and barge in addition to international airports in Dusseldorf.

The Site

The INEOS Inovyn Rheinberg site is over 100 ha in size and operates as Upper Tier Seveso installation and has plots of land available to companies seeking to locate here to take advantage of the excellent connectivity, feedstocks manufactured on-site and INEOS Inovyn's operational experience.

Here in Rheinberg we operate a number of assets that manufacture key basic materials such as Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acid and PVC. There is already a history of working with partner companies on-site, where both parties have grown together and benefit from the supply of products via pipeline.

Together with the products manufactured on the site, the offering here includes access to the natural gas grid, the ARG Ethylene network and the core utilities required to operate manufacturing facilities. INEOS Inovyn has experience operating assets on behalf of partners and can offer services up to full operation and maintenance.




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