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INEOS Inovyn Tavaux, located in the Jura region of France on a chemical site bringing together several companies, provides an opportunity for both International and Domestic companies seeking a manufacturing location in connection with their activity. The site is located 5 minutes from Tavaux airport and 15 minutes from the high-speed train network at Dole Train Station (~2 hour trip to Paris), ideal for companies looking to expand their operations within France and across Western Europe.

With over 200 hectares of industrial land, there are available plots of land for a suitable partner within INEOS Inovyn, the largest site on the plot. Our on-site Hydrogen production and expertise would be of interest to those involved in the fast-developing industry of advanced manufacturing, chemical and related sectors. Partners can take advantage of the access to INEOS Inovyn manufactured feedstocks across all of our business areas, or to our operational expertise from continuously operating here since 1930.

Partners investing at the INEOS Inovyn Tavaux site will benefit from access and INEOS Inovyn experience of multi-modal logistics, with the site already moving goods inside, to and from the site by road (47,000 truck movements per year), by rail (14,000 wagon movements per year) and by pipeline with chemical products, utilities and other feedstocks. INEOS Inovyn Tavaux is situated within Grand Dole, in the Area of Bourgogne Franche Comté which offers a range of investment incentives and support, including business finance programs.

The Site

The Tavaux site has around 2,000 workers including 780 INEOS Inovyn employees. It is over 200 ha in size and operates as Seveso (seuil haut) installation.

INEOS Inovyn at Tavaux has plots of land available to companies seeking to locate here to take advantage of the excellent connectivity, feedstocks manufactured on site and INEOS Inovyn's operational experience.

In Tavaux we operate assets that manufacture key basic materials such as Caustic Soda, PVC and organic chlorine derivatives. Equipped with a membrane electrolysis cell room, INEOS Inovyn Tavaux ships more than 1 million tonnes of chemicals to customers every year, including 260,000 tonnes of PVC. INEOS Inovyn have experience manufacturing hydrogen with 10,000 tonnes produced per year on site.

In addition to the products manufactured on the site, we can offer utilities required to operate manufacturing facilities, with a history of working with partners on site where parties have grown together and benefited from supply of products via pipeline. INEOS Inovyn has experience operating assets on behalf of partners and can offer services up to full operation and maintenance, also providing support for road and rail logistics management as well as in terms of analysis within its on-site laboratory of 50+ employees.


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