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Rüstersieler Groden and Voslapper Groden Nord

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INOVYN owns two separate sites in Wilhelmshaven (in the Rüstersiel Groden and Voslapper Groden Nord districts) located on the northern coast of Germany provide an fantastic opportunity for both International and Domestic companies seeking a location to expand their operations within Germany and more widely within Western Europe.

The industrial sites occupy >300 ha and are local to other industrial operators, including power stations, oil terminals and chemical installations. The sites take advantage of this area with high quality logistics connections (including the deep water port and national rail links) and anticipated access to excellent infrastructure, such as high voltage electricity and the natural gas grid. The local gas grid infrastructure is likely to be upgraded to allow for the planned LNG import terminal in Wilhelmshaven; this upgrade would likely be carried out with a view to future hydrogen operation.


The Site

The INOVYN sites at Wilhelmshaven either are adjacent to or previously operated as Upper Tier Seveso installations. Previously an electrolysis asset producing chlorine and caustic soda was sited here, these products were distributed to customers using both rail and sea distribution modes.

INOVYN has expertise in interactions with the German authorities and infrastructure operators and would be able to support a project in obtaining the necessary project permits. In addition, the INOVYN team has experience in early stage project feasibility studies with specific experience in Germany and could support this phase of a potential project.




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